If you have been wronged RECOURSE will help you make it right

RECOURSE is a service that lets you sue a company or individual from your web browser in minutes. No legal experience is necessary and we guarantee a painless experience, even if this is the very first time you have sued. Our service means that you can file real lawsuits WITHOUT expensive lawyers and let us take care of all the paperwork. We want to be your partner in getting the justice and compensation that you deserve.


You give us all the details of your claim
We process your paperwork and file it with the court
A dedicated case manager handles all the details, notifying you of key dates
Your case will either reach a settlement or be heard in front of a judge
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recourse?

Recourse is a fast, simple, and affordable way to sue an individual or business in small claims court. Instead of filling out pages of paperwork and spending a half day at your local court house, Recourse let's you initiate a lawsuit in about 5 minutes. Get started now.

What is small claims court?

Small claims courts exist in every state of the US for hearing lawsuits when the amount in question is generally less than $15,000. You will find out the exact amount for your state the first time you use Recourse. Like other courts a judge (or if you request) a jury will hear your case and decide on a ruling. Small claims courts do not require lawyers and are held in 'plain english' so you don't need to be familiar with legal jargon.

What happens after I use Recourse?

Within 1 business day we process all paperwork on your behalf. Generally, the person or company you are suing will contact you when they are served with the lawsuit. At this opportunity it is common to receive a monetary offer to settle the case. If no settlement is released then you will receive a date in the mail with your court date.

Why use Recourse?

When you have been wronged sometimes the only way to make things right or get taken seriously is with a lawsuit. The good news is that most lawsuits end with offers to settle after the claim is filed. Start your lawsuit now.
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