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Sue any company or individual in Small Claims court and collect the money you deserve.

Get started online right now to sue any company or person in 5 minutes. Sue and collect thousands of dollars from anyone who has caused you to lose money and time such as:

  • Phone companies
  • Former employers
  • Internet & cable providers
  • A landlord or tenant
  • Airlines
  • Car rental agencies
  • Product manufacturers
  • Stores or restaurants

Recourse simplifies suing a company or individual from your smartphone or computer. Once you have decided to sue we process all of the paperwork on your behalf in your state's civil small claims court. does not provide legal advice of any kind. We only help to seamlessly process the paperwork for individuals who have decided to pursue litigation.


You give us all the details of your claim
We process your paperwork and file it with the court
A dedicated case manager handles all the details, notifying you of key dates
Your case will either reach a settlement or be heard in front of a judge
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Testimonials from RECOURSE customers:

" My cell phone carrier repeatedly overcharged me and refused to credit my account. When I complained they threatened to cancel my account. Using Recourse I collected $4700 and also ensured that my future cell phone bills were accurate. "
- Denise L. San Antonio, TX
" After being unfairly fired from my employer of 18 months, Recourse helped me file a lawsuit and win almost $8,000 without any headache. The process was super easy and the Recourse team was incredibly respectful. "
- Carlos B. San Diego, CA
" When my landlord decided to keep my entire deposit, I had no idea what to do and the Recourse team helped me file in small claims court for the first time. My landlord ended up settling and I didn't even have to go to court! "
- Christine G. New York, NY
" I recently moved to Washington and I couldn't afford to travel back to Florida to file a small claims suit, so I used Recourse to get the money back that I deserved. I couldn't give Recourse and its team a higher recommendation. "
- Emmanuel H. Seattle, WA
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    • Help provide necessary paperwork if the company or person you are suing wishes to settle the claim.
    • Provide unlimited support and the ability to file additional suits.

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